1/ Identify popular content on your site
2/ analyze how visitor move through your site
3/ analyze Site search report: how user interact with your on-site search engine > intent of user > discover new opportunities for marketing

*Behavior > Site Content > All Pages:
1/ how frequently each page by URI(Uniform Resource Identifier)
2/ Page Title: could be easier to understand
3/ Avg. Visit Duration VS Bounce rate:
   > how engaging users find each page of your site?
   > low-performing page: need improvement
   > high-performing page: guide future design

*Behavior > Site Content > Content Drilldown:
1/ groups pages according to directory.
2/ click Directory, to see pages of that category: understand how content in certain section is performing
3/ Pie Chart: quicky view the most by visitors

*Behavior > Site Content > Landing page:
1/ which page visitors enter your site?
2/ identify the pages of your site that have the highest bounce rate as the first page of a user's session
3/ Comapre: bounce rate > help to decide which landing page need to be re-designed?

*Behavior > Site Content > Exiting page:
1/ last page of user visited
2/ if high exit rate, function as landing page > re-design landing page, so don't drive people away from your site

*Behavior > Event:
1/ incorporate Flash, Ajax, interactive element on your
2/ provide non-page view based, to track interactively.
3/ event = user interaction with content that could be tracked independently from a page/screen.
   ex. download, widget, gadget, flash, Ajax, video play
4/ available for web and App, but need additional Event Tracking code setup to each action on your site if you want track as an event

*Behavior > Event > Top Event:
1/ Category:
   - primary division of event on your site
   - root/sort of event tracking          
   - ex. Video, Download: specific or broad of content
2/ Action:
   - descriptor for a particular event category
   - ex. Play, Stop, Pause for a Video Interaction
   - ex. setup "video almost finish" when playback slider on a video reach 90% mark.
3/ Label:
   - option info context to event action, ex. name of video
   - Event Value, ex. set a value of how long video to load in user's browsers

*Behavior > Site Search > search terms
1/ what visitor search for in your site?
2/ - identify missing or hidden content on your site
   - improve search result for keyword
   - find new keyword ideas for your search advertising campaigns
3/ to setup site search tracking, need to configure view setting in Admin
4/ only include visits during the search was performed > help drive traffic to your site
5/ if your site navigation need improvement?
6/ add 2nd dimension: Refined KeyWord > if visitor use consecutive searches on your site? maybe they can't find for the 1st time
7/ Total Unique Searches:
   - count the number of times site search was used
   - exclude multiple search on same keyword during same visit
8/ Resulte Pageviews/search: how many pages visitor view after search
9/ Search Exit: number of visitor search before leaving the site
10/ search refinement: visitor search again
11/ time after search: how average amount of time, visitor spend on your site after search
12/ search depth: avg. of pages viewed after search

*Behavior > Flow Report:
1/ visualize visitor travel from 1 page/event to next
2/ identify what content keeps visitor engaged with your site?
3/ click connection, highlight segment of traffic in entire Behavior flow.
4/ red drop-off: where visitor left the flow compeletely
5/ node: which pages are grouped? highlight/explor traffic
6/ analyze how effective the page is as a landing page?
7/ change which page to view in report: edit button > contains > URL

*Behavior > Report > Page and event
1/ how user engage with and progress through your site
2/ blue: event interaction
3/ green: page interaction


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