*AdWords report different from acquisition report:
1/ info specific to AdWords, analyse how AdWord setting, ex. match type, geographic targeting, impact campaign performance.
2/ cost data imported from AdWords, along with revenue data, to calculate ROI(Return on investment) and Revenue per click.
   > evaluate performance of campaign, ad group, keyword

*AdWords report give u:
1/ post-click performance data
2/ see what user do after clicking on ads
3/ site usage metric, goal conversion metric, e-commerce activity, revenue metric(ROI,RPC,CPC)

*Campaign report: performance metric for AdWord search and display campaign
1/ click Campaign name > Ad Groups > keyword
2/ Impression is the number of times you ads were disaplyed.
3/ Click: number of clicks your ads received and for which you paid > it shall be different from VISIT
4/ VISIT: number of visit
>> CLICK < VISIT: some visitor clicked on Ad, then later during differnt visit, return to site through a bookmark. the referral info from original visit was retained > some clicks resulted in multiple visits.
>> VISIT > CLICK: maybe Google Analytics code isn't installed correctly on all landing pages
                  maybe some visitor clicked away from your website
                  maybe stop landing page before tracking code executed
                  visitor must have JavaScript, images and cookies enable in browsers, otherwise can't be tracked in Google Analytics
                  > however if not enable, Impression, Clicks, Cost, CTR(click-through-rate), all related to how many times your ads were displayed and how frequently people clicked on them.
                  >> ex. u want higher CTR > bid for better position, or re-write ad to be more relevant to user who search for them
5/ e-commerce metric: shown if you set up values for goals.
> RPC, ROI, margin: understand if keyword profitable
1) margin
2) RPC(revenue per click)
3) ROI(return on investment): (Revenue-Cost)/Cost
> If ROI=0% > Revenue=Cost
> If ROI=100% > Revenue>Cost
> If ROI=-100% or PRC=0USD >
  > remember set goal value in goal setting
  > remember enable ecommerce tracking
> before adjust campaign based on ROI, make sure you have enough data or period to make decision
  > consider return customer: find site by ad, return later to buy again
  > u will lose repeat conversion, if u set too short date range
  >> set a date range as long as expected sales cycle
3) margin

*Bid Adjustment report: analyze AdWords performance, based on device/location/ad schedule > imrpove ROI

*AdWords Keywords report: see performance borken out, by the keywords you've chosen to target in your search campaign
which keywords are good to get new visitor?
which visitor don't bounce and engage your site?
Which end up converting?
> optimise your keyword targeting strategy to build attention and drive conversion. retain customer using search ad.
2nd dimension: how performance of keyword differs

*Day Parts report: statistics by hour of the day, by day of the week.
1/ set time zone
2/ understand what time of the day is most valuble to show your ad
3/ investigate whether you should modify your bidding during certain hours of the day to optimize conversions
   ex. most visit on weekdays > adjust Bid for weekdays
   ex. 2nd dimension use keyword > adjust keyword for certain time of the day

*Destination URLs: URLs in your site, to which directed from AdWords Ads, along with campaign taggin in URLs
1/ landing-page report exclusively for AdWords traffic.
   > which ad make visitors the most to engage and make conversion
2/ Ad Distribution Network: segment data
   1) Google search
   2) search partner
   3) content
3/ view the dimension "Ad Content" in your Google Analytics AdWords reports
   1) Switch the primary dimension in the AdWords Keywords report to "Ad Content"
   2) Add "Ad Content" to the Campaigns report as a secondary dimension

*Placement report: investigate auto or manged placement in
1/ Placement type:
 1) automatic
 2) managed
> if automatic>managed: consider to add automatic as managed display campaign
> which bring new traffic? which good to drive conversion?

*Keyword Position report: how ad position affect keyword performance?
1/ click keyword
2/ click metric, to compare the performance of that keyword by AD SLOT
   ex. bounce rate: depends on Ad position click from
   ex. Visit: how keywords and bid relate to where ad most shown on Top or Side?
2/ Placement domain:
3/ Placement URL:

*only available for AdWords traffic:
1/ Matched Search Query
2/ Query Match Type
3/ Placement Domain

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