1/ report interface
2/ change date range
3/ graph data
4/ plot data
5/ filter/sort data
6/ adjust which metrics appear in report

Get Standard Report, select:
1/ view
2/ calender, set date range, compare with history
   > add day annotation: check if campaign affect traffic
   > Date comparison: two date ranges on the same graph
3/ Metrics compare
4/ data table
   > dimension
   > 2nd dimension: show the dimension "city" next to the dimension "source"
5/ tab:
   > site usage
   > goal set: account administrator setup goal tracking
6/ search: only row, ex. organic in source/medium
   > Table filter=advanced: visit, great than 50 = exclude any rows of a report with fewer than 50 visits
7/ data: defult
   percentage: pie chart, contribution to total
   performance: bar graph
   comparision: if over average
   pivot: row vs column
8/ Plot Rows: select specific rows/segments to compare in time, in DATA view=2 rows of data on the same graph
9/ shortcut: remember your setting for report


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