我覺得這個課程有些部份有新意, 部份覺得有點多此一舉, 但大部份我都早就開始實踐, 難道我是Focus Master? :P

*When I have an extra 10 hours per week, I will ? > find your motivation

*3 effect of Swichtasking:
1/ time to complete task Increases
2/ quality of work Decreases
3/ stress Increses

*3 principle of productivity:
1/ Space: work space, less Gathering Point, less switch to make
   > gathering point: a place to gather unprocessed items,
   > target: 6 gathering point
     - Physical Inbox: put all unproceed item
     - portable inbox: ex. pockt in suitcase
     - notepad: ex. App Evernote
     - email: only 1
     - wild card: Text Msg, to-do list, social networking site
2/ mind
   > little idea, switch in your head
3/ time
   > indentify your Most Valuable Activity (MVA)
   > underspend time

*getting the most out of your canlendar:
1/ Time budget: if overdraw > time debt, pay interest=switching cost, ex. more stress
2/ avoid double booking
3/ input appointment immediately
4/ schdule buffer time
5/ think calender as a commitment
6/ think long term

*say no to others
1/ ask for request by email
2/ when you say yes, ask when is deadline?
3/ if not now, but later, when?

*say no to yourself
1/ Perhaps list: do in future, not necessary now
2/ set boundary of You Family Time and Work Time
3/ write down processing time in calendar
4/ write down free time for yourself

*identify Most Valuable Activities (MVA)
1/ find how much cost per hour of each activity?
2/ spend 40% of work time on 2 MVA in most effective time, ex. morning
3/ create a Time Budget in google calendar

4/ reschedule/refuse Less Valuable Activities (LVA) invitation if it is in your MVA time


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