*write what you know:
what is your story?
what is your personal challenge?
what problem are you solving?
*write often
keep a running list of topic (find in comment)
make writing a habit
there is no perfect topic, just keep trying
*know your audience
> Is this is something people want to
- read?
- make comments?
- share?
> check what your audience is reading?
> join a conversation already in progress
> 800-2000 words/ post
*write a great headline
- be clear, not clever
- list few headline, ask your reader which they will click the most?
- ex. new innovation in logistic >> boring >> put yourself into: i think I figured out how to make trucking efficient
- ex. 10 mistakes managers make >> low engagement >> personal like you will say to a friend: the worst manager I ever had made these mistake 
- ex. How to build great product: Getting to Yes >> colon (:) makes headline boring >> truly great products are built by people say "yes"
*Trending News:
- raising interest rate: ex. effect on your business?
- coding: ex. why learn coding? too much focus on coding?
- merger: ex. what's causing these mergers? personal merger experience
-positive: pick 2-3 comments to respond
>don't response immediately
>don't feel you need to response at all, ignore them
- always open to reasonable critique
> thank them, make credit to them
-10 minute meeting
>what is on their mind?
>what are their struggles?
>what speech they are giving?
>what question are they asked?
*share your post
- Linkedin Mention: @ tag revelant people
- share to all related social media
- target to the right people you want to share
*sharing as an employee
- people prefer follow people, than company


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