*Skills/understadning of analytics team:
1/ business objectives, strategies to support objectives
2/ what analytics can do
3/ technical skill to implement

*Build analytics infrastructure:
1/ define measurement plan obejctive
2/ document tech infrastructure: server? mobil? design?
3/ create implementation plan: specific analyze tool
4/ implement: mobile or web design team use tracking system
5/ maintain and refine

*5 steps of measurement planning, discuss with decision maker
1/ document business objectives
2/ identify strategies and tactics, to support objectives
3/ choose KPI(key performance indicator)
4/ Chooese how to segment your data
5/ choose targets of each KPI

*business objectives:
ask youself why your busines exist?
Help people enjoy outdoors through innovative products
> Strategy: sell products
> Tactics:
 - sell online
 - drive store visits
> KPI:
 - Revenue, average order value
 - find store location, printed coupon

Cultivate their love of the outdoors
strategy: engage users
tactics: drive blog engagement, about outdoor topics
KPI: Recency/Frequency, social share

1/ marketing channel: email, search, display, social
2/ customer type: new vs returning
3/ geography

*5 common digital strategy:
Business Objective > Measurable Outcome:
E commerce > Sell products
Lead generation > Contact information for sales prospects
Content publishing > Ads shown to visitors
Online info/support > Help customers find information
Branding > drive awareness and engagement/royalty

IT Team, business need > implementation plan, what you can track
query string parameters
server redirects
flash and AJAX events
multiple subdomains
responsive web design

*create implementation plan
standard dimensions > basic page tag & metrics
business outcome KPI > goals & ecoomerce
clean, accurate data > filters/settings
marketing channels > campaign tracking & AdWords linking
simplified reporting > custom reports & dashboards


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