*Ecommerce reports
-Product Performance report
-Sales Performance report
-Transactions report

*Answer your:
Which product category brings in the most revenue for my business?
What are the ten most frequently purchased products on my site?
What products did a visitor purchase together in the same transaction?
What is the average order value of the transactions placed on my site?

-enable Ecommerce tracking in the Ecommerce Settings for a view
-add Ecommerce code to site/application

*View report
-Reporting > Conversion > Ecommerce

*Product Performance report: understand which product sell the best
 >quantity you sold?
 >number of unique purchase?
 >product revenue
-add secondary dimension of Source/Medium: understand which marketing support best to sell product
-click a product, to check which channel promote the best?
-click product category > switch to % view > check biggest % revenue

*Sale Performance report:
-show time, when bring the most revenue?

*Transaction report:
-show list of all transaction ID for order made on website
-show particular order of purcharsed item > help cross-promoting to discover additional item buyer will be interested?

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