*Multi-Channel Funnels report:
-allow to know how marketing channels work together over time, to drive sales and conversions
 > rather than give all the conversion credit to the last click
 > from conversion path
 > defualt: 30 days > Look-back Window: change up to 90 days
-how conversion are credited?
-the difference between first, assist, last interactions?

-setup Goal
-setup Ecommerce tracking

* last-click attibution
Conversion and Ecommerce transaction
are credited to the last campaign/search/ad
> this is conversion in most Google Analytics report, ex. Acquisiton report, AdWord report

* Conversion path data:
-interaction with all digital channels
 >direct, organic, referral, social network, display ad, paid search, email
-channels are credited according to the roles they play in conversions
 >how often they assist or complete sales/conversion?
 >a channel can play 3 role in a conversion path
-Last Interaction: the referral immediately precedes conversion
-Assist Interaction: any referral on conversion path, but not the last interaction
-First Interaction: subset of assist interaction

*Assisted Conversion report
-summary roles and contributions of your channel
-Assisted conversions: conversions of channel appeared on the conversion path, not the final conversion interaction.
-Assisted/Last Click or Direct Conversions: ratio summarize channel overall role in the conversion process
 >close to 0: channel assist < complete sale/conversion
 >close to 1: channel assist = complete sale/conversion
 >more than 1: channel assist > complete sale/conversion

*Top Conversion Paths report:
->see the most common sequences of marketing touch points that lead to conversions on your site or app
-all unique sequences of channel interaction, led to conversion
-MCF Channel Grouping Path
-number of conversion
-conversion value
-repeat pattern, give you insight of most effective market aross channel

*Primary Dimension:
-MCF Channel Grouping
-PathSource Medium Path
-Source Path
-Medium Path

*Time Lag:
-how many days pass between first interaction and last interaction for user's conversion path.
-length of online sales cycle

*Path Length report:
-number of channel interaction contained in user conversion paths.
-tell you how many times a use typically returns to your site before converting


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