*Attribution report:
-compare different attribution model to understand the return on ad investment
-enable better budget allocation for marketing channel

*attribution modeling
-rule determine how credit for sales/conversion is assigned to a channel in conversion path
-in Google Analytics, use Last-Click
-Model: last non-direct click
 >ignore direct visit, attribute 100% conversion value to last channel, before buying/converting
-Model: last interaction
 > default benchmark, attribute 100% conversion credit to last channel (even direct visit)
-Model: first interaction
 > for run ad/camaign to create initial awareness
-Model: Linear
 > equal credit to each channel interaction, on the way to conversion
 > if campaign is to maintain contact and client awareness for entire sales cycle
-Model: Time Decay
 > touchpoints close to time of conversion
-Model: Position based model
 > give % of credit to each step in conversion path position. first, last, or in between?

*model comparison tool
-compare up to 3 model
-look whose value change significantly, from one model to another.
 > indicator that a channel is more suitable to a particular part of customer acquisition funnel
 > ex. Last Interaction vs Linear vs First Interaction
 > on right side %: Linear vs First Interaction
   > social network and referral is considered more valuable
-look common between varous model>use ingiht to test new hypotheses
 >ex.last click model: increase investment of particular channel previously undervalued
 >ex.first click model: decide budget for a channel is more valued to shift to marketing campaign to drive awareness, rather then direct response

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