1. W Hotel Taipei Yen (紫豔)
 -1. Metro: Taipei City Hall (市政府).
 -2. High-end bar in 31floor with the best view to see 101 in the front.
2. W Hotel
 -1. Metro: Taipei City Hall (市政府).
 -2. It’s a high-end hotel recently become famous in Taipei, even it was shot for some movies. 10th floor is a nice view, outside with swimming pool of 101 water shadow.
3. In House
 -1. Metro: Taipei City Hall (市政府).
 -2. A fashion lounge bar.
4. Lava Club
5. Brown Sugar Jazz Club
 -1. Metro: City Hall (市政府)
 -2. Live band
6. The bed:  忠孝東路 水煙
7. 20四6  四川 上海 忠孝東路
8. Sofa 敦化南路
9. Dozo  光復南路
10. (現代啟示錄) 復興北路
11. Bacchus 新生北路 酒吧


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