I like to tour people, because I can always get positive energy from them, or learn their story. :)

Today, I toured my previous Japanese client again, because she said she like me to tour her, I like her too. She is a very special Japanese girl, she know what she want to do with her life, and changed routine office job to Zumba instructor, because she want to help many people more healthy, not just for her own benefit, very touching. When I see passion in her eyes, I admire her, I wish I can have her passion for job. :)

Because she don’t like to eat meat, we went to Minder Vegetarian restaurant (明德素食園) in Xinyi Eslite bookstore and discuss about the tour tomorrow, she told me Japan is an aging society, too many old people but not so much children, she feel Taiwan more young people, such ordinary thing I didn’t notice, even though we also have the same problem as Japan, low birth rate, but maybe not as low as them. Then, when we went to convenient store, she is also very amazed by “Why watermelon or papaya can mix with milk?” Which is not possible in Japan.

Later on, we just have a look of W Hotel, 10F is perfect place for luxury swimming pool party, you will never say this is Taipei, just looks like another world. 31F Yen is the best place to see Taipei 101 in the mysterious night.

We walked to Ice Monster, people get in line as I did expected, she is very happy to buy legendary Mango Ice Cream. :) 

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