2013-1-15 00:00 @ Viewshow with K 

Today after delicious Chamonix Teppanyaki for my birthday celebration, we went to Viewshow hope to catch the last movie of “Life of Pi”, we have expecting this movie for very very long time, finally, we can see it. Unfortunately, this is 2D, 3D already pass, with the hope to watch this movie, we can’t wait more time to hold, thus, we watch 2D. In the end, I really think this is a bad idea to watch 2D, as there are many scene is worth in 3D, I did feel regret about it, but K said that he can’t take it if it is 3D too real for him.

I didn’t expect that movie is mainly about how Pi survive in the ocean with a tiger, this movie indeed is amazing movie I have seen so far this year, no wonder it make good box in the world. :)

Pi is a very smart man, he overcome his fear to Charlie Parker, from wild to a little educated to him, so he can survive in the ocean so many days with him, if not because his wisdom and consistent, he could never pass. After this, there is nothing can defeat him anymore, that’s the reason make this movie famous, because everyone has Charlie Parker in our mind, compare to the tiger, it seems that our difficulties is nothing, we can overcome it, as long as it is not a tiger.

This reminds me that, one professor in screenplay said that, the worse situation in the movie, the better feeling audience will have, because audience go to cinema isn’t going to see somebody’s life is better than them, they are looking for somebody’s life worse than them, so they can feel better, that is really true theory. ;}


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