2011-5-11 @ KML

Actually, i LOVE this movie, i cry this movie, too. This movie shows reality life of Barney Panofsky, which was played by Paul Giamatti, and actually, i don't like Paul Giamatti.too much, he was fake in another movie, but in this movie, i think play quite well, and i even can imagine why he love the third wife the most, i can feel why he feel for sure that girl is the one he want to spend the life with, i totally understand it, amazing! The beautiful of this movie is some part taken in Italy, reminds me of that beautiful place again, if i have chance, i would love to live in Italy, it is such a lovely country worth living, i love it very much, the people, the building, many thing just come naturally. I cried when he confess his guilty for his love, he's so regret for that, who never make mistake, but it surely will hurts you back. this movie is true, that's the reason i love it! :) 


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