2011-5-11 @ KML

This movie isn't so bad for me, since they choose Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, these 2 are my favorite actor, i love Natalie Portman since Léon, she is such a beautiful actress. :D And their relationship is really weird, but i think it somehow really show the real relationship between people have now, sometimes when it only for sex, sometimes it wont not just only sex, it also contain some feeling, but since lots of people afraid to be hurt, lots of people try not to attach to their sex friend, that is really interesting thing, as long as they have feeling they try to separate, either i attach to you, or you attach to me.........love is so complicated, as my experience, i can say, the difference between love and like is i feel more BITTER when i feel it is love, i feel bitter when separating with each other, i feel love even when touching skin. ;)


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