Art teacher in senior high school is a mentor who inspired me a lot. Other than normal art he shall teach in the class, he also teach us the art of the life, we always enjoyed a lot by his simple life stories. The most impressive sentence I could still till now is - Not In Vain This Life. He even wrote this on the blackboard, since then that sentence inked in my memory. He said no matter what you will do in the future, keep this word in your heart and pursue your dream, if before you die, you still regret what kind of things you didn’t do, then what you are busy about all the time?

When I was a freshman in university, I had a very handsome classmate, he looks like Korea star Rain with single-edged eyelid. By end of first semester, we suddenly got the news that he just had a car accident, we thought that at least we could visited him in the hospital, later on, we knew that he passed away on the same day, he was 19. We are all very shocked and we couldn’t accept the fact, because we remembered how good relationship with him, and we just talked with him like yesterday. It happened because he had a flight with father, then he ride motorbike with anger, then he got hit by a taxi. In that moment, I sense how great feeling to be alive, although when I was small, grandfather passed away, I could possibly understand such thing, but actually I don’t really understand what that mean, this handsome classmate accident made me really understand how precious of being alive.

Gradually, I start to forget how great is to be alive and live a life like out of direction. After graduating from university, I suddenly found out that best friend from photo club was in the headline of TV news, she was 23. This one is harder. She is the most optimist girl I have ever seen, I could always laugh with her so much for no reason. The accident happened when she was chasing her dream, actually she is innocent, because she was sleeping when they bumped into Refuge Island on the highway. They were shooting a film, and the driver is tired from working.

When saying goodbye to her in the funeral, her father found out that she wrote many of her dream in the ceiling, so when she slept, she could see her dream, she gave herself lots of pressure, but now these pressure or dream, she can’t finish. That time I suddenly felt I got a mission, I shall not waste rest of my life doing something meaningless, I shall continue her dream for the sadness she can’t continue. Therefore, I save money for Europe trip, no matter how many difficulties and rejection I got, finally I finish traveling Europe dream.

Two years ago, I got another surprising news, a very beautiful and famous flight attendant, she got hit by the bus while she was riding bicycle in the night at Australia. I went to her speech in Taipei, and I did share my problem with her, she did give me her opinion, she was 29.

All these young angels who left too early, keep reminding me to chase my dream and never regret in life.

高中時,美術老師是一個啟發我很多的人,上課時,除了教一些該教的美術,他講話總是讓我們聽得津津有味。記得讓我印象最深刻的,就是 不枉此生 這句話。他還特別地在黑板上,大大地寫著這四個字,他告訴我們,以後不管做甚麼,都要記住這句話,因為這是督促自己追逐內心夢想的話,若在自己去世之前,總是懊悔哪些事沒有做過的話,那你那麼忙是在忙甚麼呢?

我記得大一時,班上有一個很帥氣的男生,他長得很像韓國的Rain,學期末時,突然聽到他出車禍,我們本來以為有機會可以去醫院探望他的,沒想到馬上就接到他去世的消息,大家都非常震驚,因為他的人緣很好,一時之間,真的無法反應過來,也無法接受事實, 他才19歲。

記得他發生車禍的原因是因為他跟爸爸吵架,然後負氣騎機車,就被計程車撞到, 那時特別感受到生命有多可貴,活著的感覺真好。雖然小時候,阿公阿嬤去世時,似乎也瞭解那麼一點,但並不是真的很明白那是甚麼意思。直到真正意識到活著真好這件事,其實是因為這位帥氣的同學事故。

漸漸地,又開始淡忘活著真好這件事,直到大學畢業後,有一天發現社團的好朋友突然出現在電視新聞的頭條上,這次更是刻苦銘心。她是一個超級活潑的女孩,每次跟她在一起時,總是可以瘋狂地狂笑。這次跟社團的好朋友真是無法相信。她是在追逐夢想時,發生車禍的,那幾天的電視跟報紙都是不斷地頭條,其實她真是無辜的,發生時,她其實在睡覺。她們在拍電影,她是美術指導,駕駛因為拍片太累,所以疲勞駕駛,撞到分隔島, 她才23歲。





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