Cloud computing: provides cheap, practically infinite computing power.

Digital analytics =
analysis of
qualitative and quantitative data from your business
competition to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers and potential customers have which translates to your desired outcomes)

*Your Client:
Awareness > acquisition > Engagement > conversion > retention

*platforms is Google Analytics capable of tracking, not just website:
Mobil App
Cloud point of purchasing system
CRM system
Video-game console
Home Appliance: refrigerator

quantitative data >  user experience:
why client go to your website?
if you could keep their eye on your website?
why client don't check your website?

* 5 common digital strategy:
Business Objective > Measurable Outcome:
E commerce > Sell products
Lead generation > Contact information for sales prospects
Content publishing > Ads shown to visitors
Online info/support > Help customers find information
Branding > drive awareness and engagement/royalty

Macro conversion: Purchase on e-commerce
Micro conversion/Behavior indicator: sign up for email coupons

*Continual improvement
-Measure: collect data needed to answer your business question
 >how many people finish customer journey?
 >where of the journey you lose to keep customer?
-Report: convert data to be readable to decision maker, so to make business decision
-Analyze: simple identify large trend, or deep segmentation of your date, competitor analyze, compare your performance to industry benchmark
 >develop hypothesis reflect if data meets your expectation, ANALYZE help you figure why accident happen
-Test: use different solution to identify your problem


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