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Visa Application Form of the People's Republic of China (2013/08/26)

Long-term and Multientry Business Visa (F-visa, duration of stay of each entry does not exceed 180 days, 1, 2 or multiple entries, 3 to 12 months validity) is issued to a foreign citizen for a long-term stay or for multiple entries into China for visit (e.g. of a trade fair), lecture, business, conference, scientific-technological, culture or sports exchange; as well as for purpose of study for a period not exceeding 180 days

1. passport and copy of passport (remaining to be valid for at least 6 months after return from China and with at least 2 blank visa pages)

2. one completed Visa Application Form signed by the applicant; all items on the application form shall be completed neatly with genuine information

3. one recently-taken original color passport photo affixed to the Visa Application Form

4. applicant holding a passport other than Czech passport has to complete one extra Supplementary Visa Application Form (head and part D) and provide the original and a copy of his or her permanent/long-term visa or residence card issued by Czech authorities (see Important Information for Visa Applicants)

5. flight ticket or at least a reservation of the flight to China and out (If the applicant uses other transport means he or she must provide an explanation and confirmation about his or her means of transport.)

6. a) "Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit" 被授权单位邀请函 (visa notification form issued by an authorized unit in China: Chinese government departments, companies and social organizations authorized by the Chinese Foreign Ministry) + 1 extra photocopy

b) invitation letter from a company or institution certified with "Confirmation Letter of Invitation" 邀请确认函 issued by an authorized unit in China (Chinese government departments, companies and social organizations authorized by the Chinese Foreign Ministry) + 1 extra photocopy

c) study at university not exceeding 180 days: originals and photocopies of "Admission Notice" 录取通知书 and "Visa Application for Study in China" 外国留学人员来华签证申请表(JW201 or JW202)

Apart from the above, Consular Section has also the right to require providing other supplementary documents.


f) Fees, Pickup

Mainland China Visa   Single entry   Double entry   Multiple entries for 6 m.   Multiple entries for 12 m.    Group visa

Czech citizens             50 EURO       75 EURO        100 EURO                       150 EURO                          40 EURO/os.

Citizens of most

other countries           30 EURO       45 EURO         60 EURO                         90 EURO                                  --

U.S.A. citizens            100 EURO     100 EURO       100 EURO                       100 EURO                                --

Hong Kong Visa         25 EURO       25 EURO                --                                     --                                        --


On the base of bilateral reciprocity the visa fee may vary according to the nationality of the applicant. If the fee is different from above-mentioned the applicant has to pay the fee required by the Embassy of the PRC in the CR.

Visa issue usually takes 4 working days from the day of application. The fee for visa issued in express way: for 2 or 3 working days +20 Euro, rush for 1 working day +30 Euro. From July 15, 2012 the China embassy in CR does not provide express or rush service.

Issue of Z and X visa usually takes 10 working days from the day of application. Express or rush service is not possible.

Visa Fee Payment and Picking up Visa

One pays the visa fee at the ČSOB bank after submitting the visa application and being accepted at the Consular Section. Never pay before submitting the visa application. One cannot pay through bank transfer, only cash at the cashier of the bank.

According to requirements of ČSOB bank citizens of countries outside the EU must present a copy of their passport in the bank to pay the visa fee. We kindly ask the applicants to prepare a passport copy in advance. Citizens of the CR and other EU member states can present their ID card during payment.

When picking up the visa, one has to bring originals of Potvrzení k vyzvednutí víz/superlegalizací and Pickup Form (both given to the applicant when submitting the visa application), plus original payment statement from the above mentioned bank with the relevant special symbol which is also given to each applicant when submitting the visa application. The Consular Section keeps originals of the three above mentioned documents for its own use!

Usually, any person can pick up visa but whoever comes must bring originals of the three above mentioned documents (one need not have power of attorney).


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