2011-9-15 @ Korea Air from Amsterdam to Seoul

I like this movie a lot, although i really want to see how it looks like when Freddie Highmore get older, actually he didn't show up a lot in this movie, but it is really weird to see him grow up, i don't want him to grow up, because he is so cute when he was young! My favorite brilliant actor!! and he kiss a man in this movie, surprise me a little bit. @@..

When i know that this movie is made by BBC film, i already know that this movie won't be so bad. In this movie, toast means a lot to Nigel Slater, it show his love for his mother, it is very interesting, later how the food taste become a compitition between he and his step mother, how his father praise and satisfied with the food become how he will be happy. And, it is also interesting to see how well done food his step mother can make, when it compare with his mother, better food, his father more happy?!

I like this movie anyway. ;)


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