2011-6-5 @ FE21 with friends

this movie is out of my expectation, i thought it just like other boring action movie, only focus on racing and gunfire, but it could be the most interesting and exciting action movie i saw recently, mainly because at least it said something, not meaningless car racing, and when i know that the director was from Taiwan, I'm pretty surprised, i think that is the reason at least it make sense for some action, not so stupid reason, and I'm really enjoy the cliche of last minute save. this is my first time to see Vin Diesel's movie, I'm pretty against to see muscle man. because i think it could be very boring, as i don't have so good experience on US hero movie, but this time, i think it is not bad, and to see him have a fight with Dwayne Johnson, i feel like 2 gay fighting, i don't know why, if Dwayne Johnson don't have bear, i cant recognize who is who, but I'm really satisfied with this fight. later, they take the treasury on the road is soooooooo cool, i like it very much! let me want to check the preview movie. ;) i like Gal Gadot, she is hot!


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