*know your audience:
> write in Summary, the language they understand:
- IT, if client don't understand acronym > easy to understand you
- legal, finance > conservative
- artist > casual, person familiarity
> search member in group: search them before write them
> you recently visited profile >> similar people

*boolean string
cheif+executive+officer OR "cheif executive officer"
OR CEO OR founder OR owner OR partner OR co-owner
AND art
AND (art OR movie)
NOT jobseeker NOT consultant

*leverage group
- SWAM = Side-Wide Auto Moderation > when your post is too much promotional, will be deactivated your Linkedin activity

* build your company page:
- company type: privately owned, better than self-employed, self-owned
- showcase: create target audience
- publish: , Hootsuite , ,

*build follower
- sponsored updates: less expensive!
- Campaign Manager: more expensive
- email signature
- Linkedin plugin
- add a job: expensive
- recruiter update
- post in group
- view other people's profile
- send message


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