Below price is THB with real purchasing experience.
* If you get price under my price, it could mean lower quality or you get better price. If you get price over mine, it could be better quality, or you are overcharged.
* I believe there always have space to negotiate price, if you would like to, or if you know how to.


Motorbike, small 200/day, big 250/day
Airport pick up to Kata beach 200/ride
Kata beach to airport 800/ride
Rice 10/bowl, this is the best indicator to decide this restaurant in what kind of class
Fried ice cream small 60/pcs, normal 80/pcs
Fresh Fruit juice 40/cup
Fuel 25/litr in petrol station, 30/litr in city, 35/litr in village
Fried Rice with seafood 100/meal in city, 60/meal in village
Massage 300/hour
Villa double room 1000/night
Electricity 5/kWh
Elephant clothes 100/pcs
Scuba diving glass 200/pcs

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