Audience report:
1/ frequency and recency report > understand user behavior
2/ geographic data
3/ view mobile data
4/ custom dimension data

*loyalty and engagement
> % new visit: decide to build awareness or loyalty
> ex. business expansion: from little traffic location, to decide if use ad to build awareness/oppoturnity
> in Comparision view:
  > Visit vs Avg. visit: which of least traffic region perform above average
  > Visit vs Bounce rate: check if high visit, but high bounce rate > ad need to be optimised to appeal to given audience. ex. translate to local language or add geo relevant content

1/ new vs returning: check ratio of new and returning visitor, whether first-time site visitors or repeat site visitors spend more time on your site on average?
   > compare time period, to check how audience loyalty shift
   > e-commerce: ex. returning is more than new visitor for purchase > design royalty program
2/ frenquency & recency: how often visitor return your site, within a time frame
   > Count of Sessions: if visitor come once, but don't return > market to wrong audience, or site content/design isn't sufficient to engage, or not easily navigable.
   > Days Since Last Session: how many days go by, before user back to your site, by week or by month? > useful for publisher/blogger, ex. if you post daily, but found out visit come weekly > develop email subscription to remind user to visit new content once created.
3/ engagement: how much time people spend on your site, and how many pages they view(0-10 sec = 1 page)
   > Session Duration: different website, need different engagement.
   >> blog, hope 1 page with long time
   >> technical website, if user spend too much > instruction is unnecessarily complicated.
   > Page Depth
   >> school application: hope student read more pages to understand background.

1/ check if visitor have difficulty to use different browser > if high bounce rate with mobil, maybe you want to create a mobile optimise version with simpler navigation. or solve technical issue.

1/ how your site performance differs between desktop, smartphone and tablet users? check if user shift from desktop to mobile
2/ Device: what mobile phone is using

*Custom Variables


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